We offer Superior Standard Potato Starch in:

  • plastic bags PP - 0,4kg or 0,5kg; packaging – Display type cartoon – 10kg
  • paper bags – 0,5kg; packaging – foil packet or Display type cartoon – 6kg
  • paper bags – 1kg; packaging – foil packet or Display type cartoon – 10kg
  • paper bags valve – 20kg or 25kg
  • Big Bags type - 1000kg or 1200kg
  • other types of packing are possible after agreement with recipient
1 Name of Product Potato Starch
2 Product Description Potato starch is a product obtained as a result of mechanical separation from other potato parts then rinsing cleaning drying and sifting.
3 Organoleptic Characteristics Form of Product – matt-colored powder, insoluble in water and ethanol, crunchy noises can be heard when being rubbed in fingers.
Color –White (according to CIE, L >93)
Odor – Odorless product
Flavor – Typical flavor for potato starch
4 Physicochemical Characteristics Humidity – max. 20 %
pH - 6,0 – 7,5
Content of ashes – does not exceed 0,35% of dry matter %(m/m)
Macroscopic impurities – does not exceed 50 pieces / dm2
SO2 content – does not exceed 10 mg/kg
Content of insoluble mineral substances in 10% of HCl does not exceed 0,06 of dry matter %(m/m)
5 Viscosity / Japanese Method/ 1250-15000Bu
6 Country of Origin Poland
7 Allergens Not Present
8 Heavy Metals, mg/kg
no more than
Lead - 1,0
Cadmium - 0,1
9 Identified Mechanical, Ferromagnetic and Organic Impurities Unacceptable
10 Identified Pests and Their Residues Unacceptable
11 Microbiological Requirements
  • Total number of aerobic organisms in 1g, does not exceed 50.000
  • Total number of yeasts in 1g, does not exceed 100
  • Total number of mould in 1g, does not exceed 500
  • Total number of Bacillus cereus in 1g, does not exceed 10
  • Salmonella bacillus– not present in 25g
  • Clostridium botulinum – not present in 1g
  • Escherichia coli - not present in 1g
12 Packaging Ventilated paper bags
13 Product Labelling Labels must contain the following data: name of product , name of manufacturer, manufacturing date, best before date, storage conditions
14 Storage Conditions Product must be stored on pallets in a dry place (humidity: 60-75%, temperature up to 20°C). IMPORTANT – when kept in temperature above 200C humidity loss is possible and, as a result, loss of mass of the product for which a manufacturer bears no responsibility.
15 Best Before Date 5 years from manufacturing date.
16 Transport External transport – according to a contract concluded with shipping company.
17 Product Use-Related Restrictions No contradictions.
18 Legal Acts / Norms Supplier’s Quality Attestation.
the Act on Food and Nutrition Sanitary Conditions / Legal Acts in Force
19 GMO Potato starch is not manufactured from genetically modified potatoes.
20 Additional Information Dry matter content of potato starch is not less than 80%
Purity in dry matter of potato starch is not less than 97 %
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